Volume LIX Number 2/2007

 Classes of Infinite Order Pseudodifferential Operators
 Mihai Pascu 
  pg. 1-16 
 Pseudodifferential operators whose symbols have an exponential growth with respect to the phase variable can be defined as operators which act in ultradistribution spaces. We provide here a very short review of some classes of such operators which are defined in Gevrey type ultradistribution spaces and we introduce two classes of infinite order pseudodifferential operators which act in Gelfand-Shilov-Roumieu spaces of tempered ultradistributions.
 Linear and Quadratic Interpolation of the Functions with Two Variable Values with Simple Nodes
 Tănase Dinu 
  pg. 17-22 
 The theme of interpolation of a function with two variable values is a complex matter which implies major difficulties when solving it concerning its form, the grade of the polynomial interpolation and the number of points from the definition field.The paper presents two cases of linear and quadratic interpolation which may be applied when solying problemas with elementary fields such as triangle and rectangle.
 Sur les Fonctions Faiblement Préouvertes dans les Espaces Bitopologiques Flous (I)
 Mihai Brescan 
  pg. 23-30 
 Le but du notre travail est de généraliser pour les espaces bitopologiques flous le concept de fonction faiblement préouverte introduit dans la topologie générale par Takashi Noiri et Valeriu Popa..On donnent quelques théorémes de caractérisation, qui représentent des équivalences très importantes. À la fin du travail sont énoncés quelques implications importantes et puis les notions et les équivalences qui seront étudiées dans le travail suivant (II).
 Undistorted Configurations for Two Classes of Crystals
 Lidia Iancu 
  pg. 31-36 
 In this paper we describe the concept of material objectivity, material symmetry and undistorted configurations using the work “Non-linear elastic deformations” of R. W. Ogden .Using the relations between two undistorted configurations we find what kind of deformations keep the symmetry group for triclinic and monoclinic crystals-two classes of anisotropic solids.
 The Divorce Rate Prediction using Data Mining Techniques
 Mădălina Cărbureanu 
  pg. 37-42 
 The divorce phenomenon has social and economic implications and that is why is useful it’s analysis. The attributes witch may influence this phenomenon can be: the number of marriages, the net medium nominal monthly income, the unemployment rate, the medium age at marriage and the education level index. In this paper an application of data mining techniques is presented so as to highlight the opportunity of using these methods in the field of demography and social statistics, with the final goal of predicting the divorce rate for a certain year, at district level.
 Evaluation of Students Knowledge – An Experiment in E-Learning
 Iuliana Dobre 
  pg. 43-48 
 In the present paper the author presents a design experiment pertaining to the evaluation of students’ knowledge as a possible step forward in improving the quality of the educational process in general and of the students’ assessment process in particular. Starting from the Donald Kirkpatrick’s four levels evaluation model the author focused his design experiment on the Kirkpatrick’s level 2 evaluation. The author believes that the new trend in education pertaining to the development of new evaluation methods and techniques using or assisted by the computer can be integrated successfully within the traditional Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model.
 An Example of Expert System Used in Education Field
 Irina Tudor, Mădălina Cărbureanu 
  pg. 49-54 
 The spectrum of applications of expert systems technology to industrial and commercial problems is wide. Applications tend to be grouped into the following classes: diagnosis and troubleshooting of devices and systems in various areas, planning and scheduling, configuration of manufactured objects from subassemblies, financial decision making, knowledge publishing, process monitoring and control, design and manufacturing. In this paper we present an example of expert system using an expert system shell called VP- Expert with application to education field.
 A Comparative Study of Some Air Pollution Software
 Elia Petre 
  pg. 55-58 
 Nowadays, the pollution of the environment is one of the most important problems of the mankind. That is why the economic legislation of every country should contain policies about a pollution effect control. In this article, some air pollution monitoring software developed in different countries are described, the reasons why they have been created, their features and their facilities for the user.
 Corrections to the Problem of Gravitational Waves Interaction
 Zoltan Borsos, Ion Simaciu 
  pg. 59-66 
 This paper corrects the solutions given to the interaction problem of two gravitational waves in the approximation of a low gravity field. Also there are realized other interpretations about the terms from the differential equation of a gravitational wave which propagates within the modified vacuum in the presence of other wave. So a rest mass of the graviton is set off.
 Plasma Diagnostics Using Laser Radiations
 Mihai Hotinceanu, Zoltan Borsos 
  pg. 67-72 
 This paper aims at studying different methods of plasmas diagnostic using laser radiation. Using laser radiation it is represent some advantages against other plasma diagnostic techniques like: weak perturbation of plasma by laser radiation, precise determination of electron concentration (using the interferometry with coupled cavities method for example), control on obtained data etc. For the laser radiation diffusion on plasmas particle method, interferometric diagnostics methods, Faraday rotation and holographic interferometries method we describe theoretical aspects and point out the advantages and disadvantages.
 The Properties of the Modified Vacuum by a Gravitational Wave
 Ion Simaciu, Zoltan Borsos 
  pg. 73-80 
 This paper calculates the components of the tensors of the relative gravitational permittivity and of the relative gravitational permittivity of the modified vacuum by a complete gravitational wave. The corresponding tensors of the gravitational permittivity and permeability are non-diagonal and different during the approximation of a second order of the amplitudes powers. There are analyzed the important special cases and the mediated values in space and time.
 Taking Tomograph by Means of Elastic Wave Non – Homogeneity Shape
 Liana Şandru 
  pg. 81-86 
 The methods of emphasizing the material non-homogeneities of the material analyzed up to now, give directives about their occurring, without being able to provide clear information regarding their feature. Further a detection method is presented, called tomography taking, through which the fault geometry is emphasized.